1. GeneralPlease read the Terms of Service carefully. The Terms of Service (“Terms of Use,” “Terms,” “Terms and Conditions,” or “Agreement”) constitute a legal agreement between you (the “End User”, “User”, “Customer”, “Member”, “Buyer”, or “you”) and Urban Point International, a Delaware corporation, and its affiliated companies, Urban Point for Marketing W.L.L., in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman, (collectively, “Urban Point,” “we,” “us,” or “our”).  

2. Acceptance of this Agreement By downloading the Urban Point mobile application (“App”) and registering an account or using the Urban Point website www.urbanpoint.com (“Website” or “Site”), you hereby acknowledge that you understand and agree to the Terms of Service stated and referenced here for the Urban Point Website and App (the “Platform”).  

3. Description of the Services Urban Point (collectively, “Urban Point,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) is a mobile Platform that connects Customers with local businesses (the “Service”) including but not limited to restaurants, salons, spas, hotels, and retailers (“Merchants”, “Partners”, "Outlets", or “Stores”) by enabling in-App ordering and delivery and providing valuable offers for in-store, take-away and delivery to Customers from those Outlets through our Platform. By using our Services, you acknowledge that you understand and accept that Urban Point is not a delivery company, restaurant or retailer and that Urban Point is therefore liable neither for the quality of the products or services provided by our Partners nor the content that they publish on our platform or other platforms as we do not independently verify their information. At its core, Urban Point is a savings App that has offers for in-store, take-away, and delivery orders from its Partners. In-store and takeaway offers are referred to as “Offers” whereas discounts on delivery are grouped inside the "Save up to QAR 50" or "Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers & more" banners on the delivery side of the app. The majority of our offers are on food, and we also provide offers on beauty & spa, fun activities, hotels, products, and more. We work with Merchants and logistics providers (“Delivery Companies” or “Contractors”) to enable (a) access to these value offers and (b) fulfillment of orders placed in the App. 

4. Modifications & Additional T&Cs By using our Service, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service as well as to any future updates or modifications to the present Terms, which will be published on the Website from time to time.Should there be any doubts or unanswered questions in these Terms of Service, you also acknowledge that the Terms would be in line with the industry norms and standards of the largest players in the market for each business line (In-store offers or in-app ordering). 

5. Termination Urban Point may terminate this agreement at any time and reserves the right to terminate a Customer account should it observe any misuse or abuse of the App, our Services or our Partners the Customer.

6. How it works - Offers
6.1. To avail an offer on in-store and takeaway purchases, follow these steps: (1) Tell the merchant staff before you order that you will use Urban Point.(2) When you ask for the bill, show the offer you want to use to the staff.(3) The staff with either give or tell you the Merchant pin to use the offer by entering it into your App and then will apply the discount with the confirmation code that will subsequently appear on your mobile. You must present the confirmation code in order to receive the discounted or free service or product.

6.2. Terms of in-store and take-away offer redemption The purpose of the App is to enable Users of the App to access offers or other information from third-party Merchants. Merchant offers are negotiated between Urban Point and the Merchants, and their offers are presented to the Users of the Urban Point mobile App who have access.
Please read and understand these Terms of Service before redeeming Urban Point offers:a. All offers are subject to restrictions listed under the “Details & Exclusions” section of the offer page inside the App.b. Offers are not valid in conjunction with other special promotions, discounts, specials, or loyalty programs.c. Offers should be presented prior to payment or requesting the bill.d. Offers are valid seven days a week unless specified on the Offer. Minimal exclusion days apply.e. Offers apply only to the Items/Services and location(s) specified on the offer and not to Service charges or gratuities.f. All offers are valid until the expiry date that is specified on each offer page inside the App.g. In-store Offers are not valid on the following Black Out days: Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Qatar National Day, Oman National Day, Kuwait National Day, Qatar National Sports Day, Diwali and any other official public holidays. It is up to the Merchant’s discretion to allow Offers on these days. In these cases, call ahead and ask if they are accepting Urban Point vouchers on these Black Out days. The only exception would be for Offers that are specifically designed for such holidays such as “Eid Buffet” and as would be stated on the Offer Page. h. Urban Point is not liable in the case that the merchant location is closed.i. Urban Point provides two kinds of in-store Offers: Primary Offers and Secondary Offers.
(1) Primary Offers
Primary offers have 2 types:
Type 1 Primary Offers are Food Offers, and examples are: “Buy 1 Main Menu Item Get 1 Free” "Buy 1 Main Course Get 1 Free""Buy 1 Buffet Get 1 Free"“Buy 1 Appetizer Get 1 Free”
Type 1 Primary Offers may be used as per the following structure:Number of people: 2 -> Number of Offers: 1Number of people: 3 -> Number of Offers: 1Number of people: 4 -> Number of Offers: 2Number of people: 5 -> Number of Offers: 2Number of people: 6 -> Number of Offers: 3Number of people: 7 -> Number of Offers: 3Number of people: 8 -> Number of Offers: 4Number of people: 9 -> Number of Offers: 4
Type 2 Primary offers and Non-Food Offers, and examples are:"Buy 1 Massage Get 1 Free""Buy 1 Beverage Get 1 Free""Buy 1 Service Get 1 Free"
Type 2 Primary Offers may be used by a single person, and the number used per visit is up to the discretion of the Merchant.
(2) Secondary Offers are of the structure "buy something and get something of equal or lesser value for free. "
Examples of Secondary Offers are:“Buy 1 Main Course Get Dessert and Drink Free”“Buy 1 Hair Cut Get Massage Free”"Buy 1 Car Cleaning Get Car Polish Free"
Secondary Offers may be used by a single person, and the number used per visit is up to the discretion of the Merchant.
In the case of a dispute, the bill must be settled as per local law. Relevant parties will be contacted for resolution.

6.3. Food & Drink Offersa. The least expensive item (as listed on the Offer) will be deducted from the total bill. In the case of Primary Offers or Secondary Offers where the offers is Buy 1 Get 1 of the same thing, the two items must be from the same category as marked on the Offer e.g. buy one “main course” and get one “main course” free; or buy one “Appetizer” and get one “Appetizer” free.b. Only one bill will be presented per table. No splitting of bills will be allowed.c. Offers are valid solely for the item listed and are not valid for special events (e.g. Iftar, Suhoor, buffets, brunches, theme nights, special menus) – unless otherwise indicated on the Offer Page’s “Details and Exclusions.”d. Offers are not valid for delivery or takeaway unless otherwise indicated on the Offer.e. A Main Course/Main Menu Item is defined as the main element of a Customer’s lunch or dinner – i.e. not a starter or a dessert. Urban Point does not legislate for the specific layout/design of a merchant’s menu. If in doubt, clarify with the server before ordering.

6.4. Beauty & Spa, Health & Fitness, Outdoor Adventures, and Fun Activities Offersa. All offers are subject to the availability of appointments at the merchant. Customers are required to schedule appointments in advance to redeem their offers.b. All discount offers only apply specifically to the items mentioned in the offer, and do not apply to other Services offered by the merchant.c. For “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offers, Customers must pay the full price on their first visit and will then receive a complimentary voucher from the merchant for their second visit, which would be free. Complimentary vouchers are only valid for the original Customer, and not valid as gift vouchers for other people. Alternatively, if appointments are available, Customers can bring a friend along and receive the Service together with the friend whereby the free voucher that comes with the initial purchase may be used by that friend at the same time. d. If a customer uses an offer for him or herself, it is up to the discretion of the merchant to determine within how many months the customer may redeem the free service. Generally, it is within 3 months, but it may vary depending on the merchant. Ask the merchant about its terms before using the offer to avoid any confusion. 

6.5 Hotel Room Night Offersa. Offers are not valid for online bookings via hotel websites or any third-party website; rather, offer are valid only for bookings made directly by calling or emailing the hotel.b. Prior to arrival, reservations must be made directly with hotel and are not valid for walk in.c. The hotel offer is subject to availability of rooms allocated to the Urban Point promotion at the time of booking.d. The hotel offer is valid for all room categories, however, it may not apply to certain rooms and it is at the hotel’s discretion. Any specific exclusions or inclusions are mentioned on the offer page under “What you need to know”.e. The hotel offer applies to the room only rate excluding breakfast, unless otherwise specified on the hotel offer.f. Public Holidays, special events and seasonal restrictions may apply.g. All bookings are subject to the standard payment and cancellation policies with the hotel.h. The hotel offer does not apply to corporate, group or conference rates or travel agency bookings & may not be combined with other discount offers or programs including rates on third party travel or daily websites.i. The offer is valid for new bookings and does not apply to any existing booking where a deposit or payment has been made.j. Hotel rates are quoted in local currency or as specified by the hotel.k. A limit of one hotel offer per room booked may be used. A maximum of one night will be complimentary per room booked.l. The offer’s complimentary night may only be used consecutively with the night purchased.m. For selected hotels and only if specified on the hotel offer, a 20% off the best available rates will apply for additional nights after using the Buy-1-Get-1-Free.n. Offer does not include air travel, hotel transfers or other inclusions unless otherwise specified on the hotel offer.o. All bookings are subject to the applicable Hotel’s standard reservations, payments & cancellations policies. Before finalizing a reservation, please review the hotel’s policy on advance deposits, cancellations and late arrival guarantees. Urban Point assumes no responsibility for each hotel’s management policies. 

6.6. To avail an offer on delivery orders: (1) Visit our offers sections in the delivery side of the App (2) Select the merchant and add item(s) to your cart.(3) When you check out, the discount will be applied automatically to your total bill.

6.7 Terms of delivery offer redemption Any Merchant with offers valid on delivery orders will be in the delivery section of the App under the banners "Save up to QAR 50" or "Buy 1 Get 1 free offers & more". Once you go to place your order to a Merchant that is listed in either of those offers sections, the discount will be automatically applied to your final bill as you will see in the App itself. 
Note that only one discount is applied at a time to your cart.
Generally, you may avail one offer per month per Merchant that is part of the delivery portfolio. 

7. How it works - Ordering on the app
7.1. How to make an order and how it is processed You may place an order within the Urban Point App. Once you place an order and it is marked as accepted, the Store will process the order, and it will be delivered to the address you gave or selected in that particular ordering process. 

7.2. Product Delivery Customers are responsible for giving an accurate address when ordering items through Urban Point. Should the address be incorrect, Urban Point will not deliver the Customer's order anywhere else and the Customer will be liable to pay the amount of the order since the accuracy of the address is the responsibility of the Customer.

7.3. Order Cancellations You may cancel your order up to 3 minutes after placing it on the Urban Point App. Urban Point and our Partner shops reserve the right to cancel any order, before or after acceptance, and will notify you as soon as possible of any such cancellation.

7.4. Item(s) or Ingredient(s) unavailable In the event that you place an order and the Merchant no longer has the Item(s) or ingredient(s) for an Item that you ordered, the Merchant will call you to resolve it over the phone. For this reason, you allow Urban Point to share your contact details with the Merchant so that the Merchant can contact you should it need to adjust or clarify your Order.

7.5. Product Returns For any and all returns, the terms governing those returns are based on that of the Store from which the Customer orders. Urban Point is not liable or responsible for any disputes that arise from order returns.

7.6. Refunds Customer satisfaction is important to us. In the cases of any issues with any orders, you may contact us via email on moc.tniopnabru%40selimsremotsuc or call us for help on +974 5082 3737. In the case that you were billed and did not receive your order despite a correct address, Urban Point will issue a refund. In the case that only some of the order is missing, we would issue a partial refund. 

8. Membership Urban Point has free and paid memberships. It is free to browse and order from the Urban Point App. However, accessing Offers on in-store, takeaway and delivery orders requires a paid membership, called UrbanPass. UrbanPass may be purchased via credit card, debit card or with monthly mobile billing. It may also be acquired for free as part of certain Ooredoo mobile plans in Qatar and Oman.

9. Who can use this App The App is available for use by anyone in Qatar, Oman and Kuwait aged 13 or over. If you are under 13, you must not use this App. If you are not in Qatar, Oman or Kuwait, you can use it, but probably won't get much out of doing so – as all of the Merchant Offers are specific to particular parts of Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.

10. Member Responsibilities, Rules & Prohibitions Below are Customer responsibilities and similarly the rules and prohibitions to which you agree by using the Service:a. You will not use the Service in any unlawful manner, violate any laws, store any unlawful material for deceptive or fraudulent purposes, and you will not act in a way that harms other Customers, Urban Point employees, our Partners or our community. b. You will use the Service in accordance with applicable laws regarding copyright, trade secrets, privacy, publicity rights and other rights of Urban Point, its affiliates, employees, and any third party. c. You will not misuse the Service to cause inconvenience, annoyance, offence or nuisance. d. You will not use any assets, collaterals or information of the Service for commercial purposes unless allowed by Urban Point in writing and will not copy any content displayed through the Service including third party data for commercial or harmful use. e. You will provide accurate information to us for using the Service and will notify us immediately of any changes to that information. You will also be responsible for keeping your login credentials confidential. f. You will not use the Services in any way that could overburden, damage or impair any Urban Point server, or the networks connected to any Urban Point server. g. You will not test, scan or probe the vulnerability of any system or network or breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures Urban Point may use to prevent or restrict access to the Services.h. You will not try to mistreat the Services or our community in any way and if upon discovering that it has happened, Urban Point reserves the right to close your account at our sole discretion. i. Urban Point has the right to evaluate the conduct of members. If it observes any misconduct or misuse, Urban Point reserves the right, in its sole discretion to end the membership of the Customer, and any unlawful behavior will be subject to local law enforcement.j. You must notify us of any change to your account data in writing to moc.tniopnabru%40selimsremotsuc so that we can update that information accordingly and to prevent interruption in the service. 

11. Merchants responsible for Merchant Offers and Products 
11.1. Merchant informationInformation about Merchant Offers is not a recommendation or statement of opinion by Urban Point in relation to a product, Service or third-party provider and is not intended to be investment, financial product, legal, taxation or other advice by Urban Point.
Merchant Offers and content are not provided or endorsed by Urban Point; rather, Urban Point promotes Merchant content and Offers so that you can know about them in an attempt to benefit you and the Merchants you might enjoy patronizing. Your use of Merchant Offers will be on the terms agreed between you and the relevant Store. You must read these Terms of Service and make your own inquiries with the relevant merchant directly before entering into a transaction in relation to a Merchant Offer. Urban Point has no liability or responsibility to you for any of the Goods or Services that are the object of any Merchant Offer.
Urban Point may receive fees and/or commissions from third parties for Merchant Offers, content, and ordering. You acknowledge and consent to Urban Point receiving those fees.

11.2. Merchant photosMerchant photos are in some cases for illustrative purposes only when the Merchant does not provide Urban Point with their artworks for whatever reason.

12. Location information required In order to provide you with offers that are relevant to where you are, the App requires that you provide it with information about the location of your device. At present, it does so using the GPS location functionality in your device.
If you do not agree to the App accessing that location information, or turn off the GPS functionality in your device, the App may not be able to provide you with offers that are applicable to your location, or may present you with offers that are not available at your location.

13. App and Merchant Offer performance trackingThe App uses mobile App performance tracking functionality to monitor the performance of the App and Merchant Offers in the App, and to identify any potential performance issues with the App or those Merchant Offers.

14. Downloading and using the App may incur data and registration chargesYou may incur data charges when you download or use the App from your smartphone. Whether or not you incur data charges will depend upon your mobile service plan.

15. Customer privacy Urban Point may collect, store, use and disclose information about you and your interests, for purposes deemed necessary, in line with local regulations. In case of law infringement, we reserve the right to disclose any personal information if requested by the law enforcement authorities when presented with a warrant.

16. Visitor material and conduct By posting or sharing any content to or with our social media channels and community, that content may be shared or republished by Urban Point in part or in full. 

17. Payment Methods17.1. GENERALCustomers may pay by credit card or debit card to place an Order or purchase a membership, and Urban Point reserves the right to change payment method options for its Customers. Card data would be stored by external online payment providers only if the Customer gives his or her consent. When placing Orders on the Urban Point App or purchasing a membership, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the method being used has sufficient funds for the transaction amount. 
17.2. ORDERING AND DELIVERYOnce an Order has been accepted, this represents a binding contract between you and the Shop, which from that point on has the sole responsibility for your Order.
If you pay by card, Urban Point will process the payment to the shop, and you will simply collect the order once it arrives. You have the choice to tip the driver if you wish in cash. Should there be any additional fees resulting from special or general requests in your notes for the order, those must be paid in cash in line with the store policies.
If you pay with cash, you will need to give the amount to the driver directly along with any tip you wish to give. 
Any delivery fees will be reflected in your order summary in the App after the order has been accepted.
If the delivery time exceeded the Shop delivery promise time, and the Store cannot be contacted, you may cancel the order, and your paid amount will be refunded to your account.

18. Validity of Urban Point data In the case of a dispute, the Customer agrees, states and warrants that any Urban Point records and data are valid, binding and exclusive. The Customer therefore waives any objections to our records.

19. Governing LawThese Terms of Service are governed by the local applicable law. By using this Service, you agree that any disputes will be handled in local courts according to the local jurisdiction.

20. EnforcementIf for whatever reason, local laws change to make a part of these Terms of Service invalid or void, the rest of the Terms will still hold true and applicable. 

21. Contribution LicenseBy using the Service and making any contributions to reviews, feedback or the like, you grant Urban Point an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, fully-paid, worldwide license to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part) and distribute such contributions for any purpose, commercial, advertising, or otherwise, on or in connection with the website or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such contributions, and to grant and authorize sub licenses of the foregoing.
Urban Point has the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to (i) edit, redact or otherwise change any contributions, (ii) re-categorize any contributions to place them in more appropriate locations or (iii) pre-screen or delete any contributions that are determined to be inappropriate or otherwise in violation of this Agreement.”

22. Links to and from other websitesUrban Point is not responsible whatsoever for the contents of any third-party websites to whom we may link with our Website, and visiting any such websites is therefore at your own risk. 

23. Intellectual Property Ownership All intellectual property rights in this App and website belong to Urban Point. You must not do anything with the App which is not expressly authorized under these Terms of Service. 

24. Limitation of LiabilityThis App is provided “as is”. While Urban Point will use reasonable care in providing the App and website to you, Urban Point can't guarantee that the App and website will always be free from faults. Urban Point doesn't make any warranties about this App or your use of it. To the extent permitted by law, Urban Point excludes all liability arising from or in connection with this App.Urban Point is responsible for the App. Ooredoo, Apple or Google has no obligation to provide support for the App or to address any claims relating to the App. However, Ooredoo, Apple, or Google and their subsidiaries are third-party beneficiaries of these Terms of Service. 
Urban Point shall not be liable to the Customer, whether due to breach of applicable law or otherwise for any loss, damage, or liability incurred or sustained by the Customer caused by or as a result of using the Services. To the extent permitted by law, Urban Point provides this App and content on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Furthermore, Urban Point makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the content or availability of our App and this website, or that it will be timely or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the site or server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components.”

25. IndemnityBy using the Service, you agree to indemnify and hold Urban Point, its affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, agents, officers, directors, or other employees harmless from any claim, demand, or damage (whether direct, indirect, or consequential), including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by anyone in connection with your use of the Service, with your submissions, with any alleged infringement of intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity relating to the site, your violation of these Terms of Service, and any other acts or omissions relating to the site.

26. DisclaimerYou agree that your use of the Platform and Services is entirely at your own risk. Changes are periodically made to the Platform and Services and may be made at any time without notice to you. The Platform and Services are provided on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Urban Point makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the content made available through the Platform or Services, or the Services, Platform, text, graphics or links.
Urban Point does not warrant that the Platform or Services will operate error-free or that the Platform or Services are free of computer viruses and other harmful malware. If your use of the Platform or Services results in the need for servicing or replacing equipment or data, urban point shall not be responsible for those economic costs. Urban Point is also not responsible or liable should a restaurant be closed.