In-Store Offer FAQs

Below are the frequently asked questions. 

How does it work?

How do I use an offer when in-store?


Step 1

Pick any offer and show the staff the offer you want to enjoy.


Step 2

Tell the staff before you order that you'll use Urban Point. Then show your Urban Point offer when you ask for the bill.


Step 3

When you pay, the staff enters their PIN and applies the discount!


  • How can I subscribe to access the offers?

    Subscribing is easy. You can subscribe to us monthly or yearly.
    Our monthly subscription is available for our Ooredoo customers. You can subscribe monthly using prepaid or postpaid. The subscription fee will be added on top of your monthly bill or deducted on your prepaid balance. The subscription auto-renew each month until you cancel.

    We also have an annual subscription that is payable via credit card. Ooredoo and non-Ooredoo users alike, can avail this type of subscription.

    To subscribe, just tap the Unlock Offers button found on the homepage of the app. Select which subscription option you want and just follow the steps from there. 

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Please follow the applicable steps below:
    For monthly subscribers, tap the Profile icon on the bottom right of the screen. Go to Membership & Billing. Tap Update Membership then select End Membership.
    For bundled subscribers, or those with free membership from their post-paid plans, just login on your Ooredoo app and unsubscribe from Urban Point. 

  • I am an Ooredoo customer. Am I eligible for free subscription?

    Our Qatar customers can enjoy free subscription that comes with their post paid plans. These are those under the new Shahry and Qatarna plans, as well as those under the 5G Data SIM plans. They can enjoy free Urban Point subscription until December 31, 2020.
    For more information, please visit the link below.

  • I have free Urban Point subscription that comes with my plan but it is not activated yet.

    Please refer to the video below and follow the steps shown.  
    If you have already done the steps but still unable to access the offers, please go to your Ooredoo app, unsubscribe from Urban Point and subscribe again.

  • My free subscription is supposed to be until December 31, 2020. But it says on the app that it is valid for one month only.

    Yes, you can enjoy your free subscription until December 31, 2020. The date you see under Membership & Billing refers to your subscription cycle and does not refer to the end of your free subscription period. The subscription cycle is a 30 day period counted from the day you have activated your subscription and this will automatically renew for another 30 days until you cancel.

  • My subscription attempt has been declined.

    Your subscription attempt can be declined for a variety of reasons. The most common of which is insufficient prepaid balance or if you have reached your credit limit with your postpaid account. To solve this, please make sure that you top up your account or settle your bills with Ooredoo.

  • What is an access code and how to use it?

    An access code is 6 character code that is used to gain access to the app, in lieu of a normal subscription.
    To apply an access code, please tap the Profile icon on the bottom right of the screen. Go to Membership & Billing and tap Use Access Code. Input the access code and tap Submit.

  • I didn’t receive the SMS activation code (OTP).

    If you have trouble receiving the OTP, please check if the mobile number you have entered is correct and make sure that you have a good coverage. 
    If you still have not received your code or if there is an issue with it, please reach out to us by using our Contact Form.

  • When will my subscription renew?

    You can check your renewal date under Membership & Billing. You can find this by tapping the Profile icon on the bottom right portion of the screen. 

  • I just unsubscribed. Can you tell me when my access will expire?

    You can check how many days are remaining on your access under Membership & Billing. You can find this by tapping the Profile icon on the bottom right portion of the screen. 


  • I want to subscribe. How do I pay the subscription fee?

    For Ooredoo customers, you can subscribe monthly or you can avail our credit card packages. Non-Ooredoo customers may only avail our credit card packages.For monthly subscriptions, the subscription fee will be deducted on your prepaid credits (if using prepaid number) or added on your Ooredoo bill (postpaid number). 

  • How does billing work?

    Ooredoo Qatar, Oman, Kuwait customers can subscribe by entering their phone number. Simply tap the Unlock Offers button inside the Urban Point app, select pay by Ooredoo bill and you will be subscribed and billed through your Ooredoo credit. If not enough money is on the account, roll back charging can be used to continue the access for another week. This enables the customer to access the offers even if the full monthly subscription fee cannot be paid.

  • I am purchasing a subscription package with my credit card, but it is stuck on the payment page and nothing is happening.

    If you are unable to proceed further with your payment, please make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. If it is up to date but you are still experiencing this problem, please use our Contact Form. Let us know your account details and the issue you are experiencing.

  • I am purchasing a subscription package via credit card and there is a field that says Promo Code. What is it?

    A Promo Code is used to apply a discount to the subscription package you are availing. If you have a promo code, just input the code upon payment and the price of the subscription package you are purchasing should be automatically discounted. If you do not have a promo code, then just leave the field blank and proceed with your purchase.


  • I want to update my account information.

    To update your account information, just tap the Profile icon on the bottom right portion of your screen. Tap View and Edit Profile then tap the Edit icon on the top right of the screen. Select the information you want to edit.
    Note: Mobile number cannot be changed within the dashboard. If you need to change the mobile number you registered with, please use our Contact Form.

  • I just created an account but when I am entering my email address, it says Email already registered.

    Our system only accepts a unique email address and you might have an old account with us that is linked to your email address. Please use a different email address with your new account. Alternatively, we can unlink your email address from your old account, if that account is no longer active. If you prefer the latter, just reach out to us using our Contact Form.

  • I forgot my login PIN. How can I retrieve a new one?

    Not a problem. In the Log In page, just tap the Forgot Passcode link. Enter either the email address or the phone number associated with your Urban Point account and tap Send New PIN. You will receive a new set of PIN which you can use to sign in. 
    Upon signing in, we encourage you to change your login PIN to something you only know. You can do this by going to your Profile to edit.

  • Can I share my account with my family/friends?

    Yes, you can share your Urban Point account with your friends or family. Just have them download the Urban Point app and have them log-in using your login information. Please just share your account details to person you only know and trust. 
    Please also note that whatever voucher is redeemed in one account will be marked as used on all devices using the same account.

  • I want to delete my account.

    Please use our contact form and send us your account details and let us know the reason why you want to delete your account.

  • I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

    To unsubscribe from our newsletters, please use the Unsubscribe link of the email newsletter you receive from us. Note that you cannot remove the email address associated with your Urban Point account from receiving confirmation that is directly connected to your redemptions. 

  • Can I use my landline number?

    It is not possible to use a landline number with your Urban Point account. Our system requires a valid mobile number to be used for receiving SMS notifications and confirmations. 

  • Can I have more than one account?

    Yes, you may have more than one account. Please note, though, that our system only accepts one unique email address and mobile number. If you are creating more than one account, you would need to provide another mobile number and another email address. 

Vouchers & Redemptions

  • How long are offers valid?

    Every offer expires at the end of every calendar month and renews again on the first of the following month. 
    Offers are valid 24/7 except for blackout days, which are Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Qatar National Day, Oman National Day, Kuwait National Day and Qatar National Sports Day. 

    In the case of special one-day-a-week theme brunches, for example, check the Details & Exclusion section on each offer page inside the app for further details on specific offer validity.

  • How many times can I use an in-store or dine-in offer?

    Each offer may be used once per month. 

  • How many offers can I use at a time?

    Urban Point provides two kinds of in-store Offers: Primary Offers and Secondary Offers.
    (1) Primary Offers
    Primary offers have 2 types:
    Type 1 Primary Offers are Food Offers, and examples are: “Buy 1 Main Menu Item Get 1 Free” "Buy 1 Main Course Get 1 Free""Buy 1 Buffet Get 1 Free"“Buy 1 Appetizer Get 1 Free”
    Type 1 Primary Offers may be used as per the following structure:Number of people: 2 -> Number of Offers: 1Number of people: 3 -> Number of Offers: 1Number of people: 4 -> Number of Offers: 2Number of people: 5 -> Number of Offers: 2Number of people: 6 -> Number of Offers: 3Number of people: 7 -> Number of Offers: 3Number of people: 8 -> Number of Offers: 4Number of people: 9 -> Number of Offers: 4
    Type 2 Primary offers and Non-Food Offers, and examples are:"Buy 1 Massage Get 1 Free""Buy 1 Beverage Get 1 Free""Buy 1 Service Get 1 Free"
    Type 2 Primary Offers may be used by a single person, and the number used per visit is up to the discretion of the Merchant.
    (2) Secondary Offers are of the structure "buy something and get something of equal or lesser value for free. "
    Examples of Secondary Offers are:“Buy 1 Main Course Get Dessert and Drink Free”“Buy 1 Hair Cut Get Massage Free”"Buy 1 Car Cleaning Get Car Polish Free"
    Secondary Offers may be used by a single person, and the number used per visit is up to the discretion of the Merchant.
    In the case of a dispute, the bill must be settled as per local law. Relevant parties will be contacted for resolution. 

  • Can I use the offer at any brand location?

    Offers from one location are not redeemable at another location.

  • Can my relatives use it?

    Yes. The same account may be used from multiple devices - simply log in with the account info. Once an offer is used on any one account however, it will be shown as used on all devices that log into that account.

  • Can I use the vouchers for deliveries/takeaways?

    Our regular in-store or dine-in vouchers may not be used for deliveries and takeaways unless otherwise specified in the details and exclusions section of each offer.

  • My subscription just renewed but my vouchers are still marked used and did not renew?

    The renewal date of the vouchers are not the same date as your subscription. Every used vouchers will renew on the 1st of each month regardless of the date of the renewal of your subscription. 

  • When does my voucher renew?

    Every offer expires at the end of every calendar month and renews again on the first of the following month. Offer renewal is tied to the 1st of each calendar month regardless of the date of your subscription renewal. For example, if you use a voucher at the 17th of the current month, this voucher will be renewed again on the 1st of the following month, and then you may use it again.

  • I didn't receive any confirmation code. How can I redeem the offer?

    If you didn't receive any redemption code, you can use the one stated on your Purchase History.

    If the voucher was redeemed successfully on our backend, the transaction should then appear on your Purchase History. The redemption code would be the Order ID, which you can use to complete your transaction with the merchant.