Terms of Use

Urban Point provides this app subject to the terms of use below and the Privacy Policy.Your use of the app is subject to you accepting those terms.

  • Purpose of the app

    The purpose of the app is to enable users of the app to access product or service offers or other information from third party merchants (Merchant Offers). Merchant Offers are negotiated between Urban Point and the merchants, and their offers are presented to the paying users of the Urban Point mobile app. 

  • Who can use the app

    The app is available for use by anyone in Qatar, Oman and Kuwait aged 13 or over. If you are under 13, you must not use this app. If you are not in Qatar, Oman or Kuwait, you can use it, but probably won't get much out of doing so – as all of the Merchant Offers are specific to particular parts of Qatar, Oman and Kuwait.

  • Merchants responsible for Merchant Offers

    Information about Merchant Offers is not a recommendation or statement of opinion by Urban Point in relation to a product, service or third-party provider and is not intended to be investment, financial product, legal, taxation or other advice by Urban Point.
    Merchant Offers are not provided or endorsed by Urban Point. Your use of Merchant Offers will be on the terms agreed between you and the relevant third-party supplier. You must read these terms of use, make your own enquiries with the relevant merchant directly before entering into a transaction in relation to a Merchant Offer. Urban Point has no liability or responsibility to you for any of the goods or services that are the subject of any Merchant Offer.
    Urban Point may receive fees and/or commissions from third parties for Merchant Offers Content. You acknowledge and consent to Urban Point receiving those fees.

  • Privacy

    Urban Point may collect, store, use and disclose to other persons information about you, your interests, and the location of your device in accordance with Urban Point’s Privacy Policy.

  • Location information required

    In order to provide you with offers that are relevant to where you are, the app requires that you provide it with information about the location of your device. At present, it does so using the GPS location functionality in your device.

    If you do not agree to the app accessing that location information, or turn off the GPS functionality in your device, the app may not be able to provide you with offers that are applicable to your location, or may present you with offers that are not available at your location.

    App and Merchant Offer performance tracking
    The app uses mobile app performance tracking functionality to a monitor the performance of the app and Merchant Offers in the app, and to identify any potential performance issues with the app or those Merchant Offers.

    Downloading and using the app may incur data and registration charges
    As the app is not unmetered, you may incur data charges when you download or use the app from your handset. Whether or not you incur data charges will depend upon your mobile service plan.

  • App provided "as is"

    This app is provided "as is". While Urban Point will use reasonable care in providing the app to you, Urban Point can't guarantee that the app will always be free from faults. Urban Point doesn't make any warranties about this app or your use of it. To the extent permitted by law, Urban Point excludes all liability arising from or in connection with this app.
    Urban Point is responsible for the app. Ooredoo, Apple or Google have no obligation to provide support for the app or to address any claims relating to the app. However, Ooredoo, Apple or Google and their subsidiaries are third-party beneficiaries of these terms of use. 

  • Intellectual property

    All intellectual property rights in this app belong to Urban Point. You must not do anything with the app which is not expressly authorized under these terms of use.

  • Offer principles for Merchants

    These are Urban Point’s offer principles to ensure the best outcome of the program:
    1. Flexibility - offers must be flexible so that customers have a choice in the free item
    2. Value - free value should be equal to purchased item
    3. Variety - at least 3 offers should be listed at any given time
    4. Best Offering - If a merchant partner is promoting offers on other platforms, Urban Point offers need to be equally good if not better. We are happy to work with merchants to give them the flexibility they need. Contracts are valid until the end of the year but offers may change as long as they are in line with above principles.