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Rules of Use

Urban Point is not liable in the case that the merchant location is closed.
Please read and understand the Rules of Use before redeeming any offers:

1.    All offers are subject to restrictions listed under “what you need to know” section of the offer page inside the app.
2.    Offers are not valid in conjunction with other special promotions, discounts, specials or loyalty programs.
3.    Offers should be presented prior to payment or requesting the bill.
4.    Offers are valid seven days a week, unless specified on the Offer. Minimal exclusion days apply.

5.    Offers apply only to the items/services and location(s) specified on the offer and not to service charges or gratuities.6. All offers are valid until the expiry date that is specified on each offer page inside the app.7. Offers are not valid on the following Black Out days: Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Qatar National Day, Oman National Day, Kuwait National Day, Qatar National Sports Day and any other official public holidays. It is up to the Merchant’s discretion to allow offers on these days. In these cases, call ahead and ask if they are accepting Urban Point vouchers on these Black Out days. 8. Urban Point is not liable in the case that the merchant location is closed.9. Urban Point provides two types of Offers: (1) Primary Offers and (2) Secondary Offers. 
(1) Primary offers are any Offers of the “Buy 1 Main Menu Item Get 1 Free” type. They may be used by 2 people and up to a maximum of 4 Offers per table, for a group of 8 people or more.
Number of people: 2 -> Number of Offers: 1Number of people: 3 -> Number of Offers: 1Number of people: 4 -> Number of Offers: 2Number of people: 5 -> Number of Offers: 2Number of people: 6 -> Number of Offers: 3Number of people: 7 -> Number of Offers: 3Number of people: 8 -> Number of Offers: 4Number of people: 9 -> Number of Offers: 4
(2) Secondary Offers are all other Offers that are NOT Main Menu Items for Main Menu Items. Examples of Secondary Offers are “Buy 1 Main Course Get Dessert and Drink Free”, “Buy 1 Hair Cut Get Massage Free” and “Buy 1 Appetizer Get 1 Free”. Secondary Offers may be used by a single person, and the number used per visit is up to the discretion of the Merchant. In the case of a dispute, the bill must be settled as per local law. Relevant parties will be contacted for resolution. 

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  • Food & Drink Offers

    1. The least expensive item (as listed on the Offer) will be deducted. In the case of Primary Offers or Secondary Offers where the offers is Buy 1 Get 1 off the same thing, the two items must be from the same category as marked on the Offer e.g. buy one “main course” and get one “main course” free; or buy one “appetizer” and get one “appetizer” free.2. Only one bill will be presented per table. No splitting of bills will be allowed.3. Offers are valid solely for the item listed and are not valid for special events (e.g. iftar, suhoor, buffets, brunches, theme nights, special menus) – unless otherwise indicated on the Offer.4. Offers are not valid for delivery or takeaway unless otherwise indicated on the Offer.5. A Main Course/Main Menu Item is defined as the main element of a customer’s lunch or dinner – i.e. not a starter or a dessert. Urban Point does not legislate for the specific layout/design of a merchant’s menu. If in doubt, clarify with the server before ordering.

  • Beauty & Spa, Health & Fitness, Outdoor Adventures and Fun Activities Offers

    1) All offers are subject to availability of appointments at the merchant. Customers are required to schedule appointments in advance to redeem their offers.
    2) All discount offers only apply specifically to the items mentioned in the offer, and do not apply to other services offered by the merchant.
    3) For “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offers, customers must pay the full price on their first visit and will then receive a complementary voucher from the merchant for their second visit, which would be free. Complimentary vouchers are only valid for the original customer, and not valid as gift vouchers for other people. Alternatively, if appointments are available, customers can bring a friend along and receive the service together with the friend whereby the free voucher that comes with the initial purchase may be used by that friend.  

  • Hotel Room Night Offers

    1) Offers are not valid for online bookings via hotel websites or any third-party website; rather, offer are valid only for bookings made directly by calling or emailing the hotel.
    2) Prior to arrival, reservations must be made directly with hotel and are not valid for walk in.
    3) The hotel offer is subject to availability of rooms allocated to the Urban Point promotion at the time of booking.
    4) The hotel offer is valid for all room categories, however, it may not apply to certain rooms and it is at the hotel’s discretion. Any specific exclusions or inclusions are mentioned on the offer page under “What you need to know”.
    5) The hotel offer applies to the room only rate excluding breakfast, unless otherwise specified on the hotel offer.
    6) Public Holidays, special events and seasonal restrictions may apply.
    7) All bookings are subject to the standard payment and cancellation policies with the hotel.
    8) The hotel offer does not apply to corporate, group or conference rates or travel agency bookings & may not be combined with other discount offers or programs including rates on third party travel or daily websites.
    9) The offer is valid for new bookings and does not apply to any existing booking where a deposit or payment has been made.
    10) Hotel rates are quoted in local currency or as specified by the hotel.
    11) A limit of one hotel offer per room booked may be used. A maximum of one night will be complimentary per room booked.
    12) The offer’s complimentary night may only be used consecutively with the night purchased.
    13) For selected hotels and only if specified on the hotel offer, a 20% off the best available rates will apply for additional nights after using the Buy-1-Get-1-Free.
    14) Offer does not include air travel, hotel transfers or other inclusions unless otherwise specified on the hotel offer.
    15) All bookings are subject to the applicable Hotel’s standard reservations, payments & cancellations policies. Before finalizing a reservation, please review the hotel’s policy on advance deposits, cancelations and late arrival guarantees. Urban Point assumes no responsibility for each hotel’s management policies. 

Urban Point International is not responsible if the outlet is closed temporarily or permanently for any reason during the validity period of the offer. Urban Point International does not take any responsibility for the quality of the service provided by its partner merchants and will not be held responsible in any event beyond its reasonable control.