FAQs for Delivery Orders

Below are the frequently asked questions on Urban Point Delivery. 

Getting Started with Urban Point for deliveries

  • How does Urban Point for deliveries work?

    Urban Point provides an online platform that connects customers to a wide selection of businesses. The platform enables orders to be placed, payment to be accepted on behalf of the merchant, and items to be delivered in a timely manner.

  • What are the areas where delivery is available?

    This feature is only available in Doha, Qatar, and for selected restaurants outside of Doha.

  • Am I required to subscribe to use the delivery service?

    No, subscription is not required to use the delivery service. You simply need to register an account with us. However, you will need to subscribe in order to use our any Urban Point offers.

Urban Point Delivery Features

  • How do I use offers on delivery?

    Go to either of the two banners at the top of the delivery section; namely, "Save up to QAR 50" or "Buy 1 Get 1 offers & more". Browse through the list of Merchants where you can use the offer and place your order. The discount will be applied automatically during checkout. Offers on delivery orders may be used once a month per Merchant.


  • How do I place an order?

    Search for the restaurant you want to order from. Select the items you want and add them to your cart. Once you have finalized your order, proceed to checkout and follow the prompts from there. Once your order has been marked as accepted, this means that the store is processing your order and it will be delivered to the address you provided in the app.

  • Can I place an order for later?

    This feature is not available at the moment.

  • How do I indicate special food requirements or special cooking instructions?

    You can request special food requirements or instructions using the “Special Request” box that will appear upon checkout. Please note that should there be any additional fees resulting from your special request must be settled and paid in cash upon delivery of your orders.

  • Why are some restaurants not available?

    There are a few reasons why a restaurant is unavailable. The restaurant may be marked as busy and unable to accept orders. Or you might be outside the delivery zone of the restaurant.

  • Can I make multiple orders?

    You can place another order while one order is already placed and being processed. 

  • Can I order on behalf of someone else?

    Yes, you may order for someone else, but make sure that you update the details with the details of the person you are ordering for. If the details you entered are incorrect, Urban Point will not process a refund. 

  • How do I cancel my order?

    To cancel an order, you must call the restaurant within 5 minutes of placing the order. Any later than 5 minutes and you will be responsible to pay for the order. 

  • My order has been placed. How can I change it?

    Don’t forget to review all the items in your cart prior to checkout. If you have already placed your order and wish to change it, you must call the restaurant directly to resolve it.  

  • Why was my order cancelled?

    A Merchant may cancel your order, before or after acceptance if the merchant cannot fulfill your order or if the items you ordered are unavailable. If your order was canceled, you will receive a notification. 


  • What payment method is available in paying for my order?

    Urban Point supports credit card and debit card payment for cashless transaction. You may also pay cash on delivery.

  • How do I pay using my credit/debit card?

    Upon ordering, you will be given payment options. Simply choose the card payment option and you will be prompted to enter your details. You will also find an option where you can store your payment details so you don’t need to enter you card details on your subsequent orders.

  • How do I remove saved credit/debit cards?

    If you have saved your payment details and wish to delete it, simply go to the Manage Payments section under Accounts. Select which card payment details you want to remove and delete it.

  • My payment is stuck and will not proceed. I am unable to use my credit card for payment. My payment is declined.

    Your payment method may be declined for a variety of reasons such as incorrect details or reaching your credit limit.  

  • The checkout button doesn’t work.

    If you are unable to click Checkout, please try restarting your order and make sure that all the details you have entered are correct. If the issue persists, contact us.

  • I have issues on credit card and/or debit card payment

    For any issues with regards to card payments, please contact us via email on moc.tniopnabru%40selimsremotsuc or call us for help on +974 5082 3737.


  • When can I expect my order to be delivered?

    Upon checkout, the estimated delivery time will be shown. However, the actual delivery time may vary by a couple of minutes. 

  • Why is my order taking longer than expected?

    If the delivery time far exceeded the estimated delivery time shown to you upon checkout, you may cancel the order by emailing or callingus, and your paid amount will be refunded to your account. 

  • How do I add special delivery instructions for the rider?

    Put any special instructions in the comments field of your order before you place it. 

  • My order never arrived.

    You are responsible for making sure that the address given is correct. Wrong address information may cause non-delivery of your orders. 

  • Do I need to tip the delivery driver?

    You have the choice to tip the driver in cash should you wish to do so.

  • I have an issue with the delivery driver and I want to report him.

    In the cases of any issues with the delivery driver, contact us. 

  • I have an issue with my order.

    In the cases of any issues with any orders, contact the business first. If the issue still persists, then contact us at moc.tniopnabru%40selimsremotsuc or call +974 5082 3737.


  • What are the safety measures being followed during this pandemic?

    Our partner merchants follow strict food & safety standards in preparing your orders. Our drivers are also equipped with the necessary protective measures when delivering your orders.
    For additional safety measures, make sure to have a hand sanitizer or alcohol ready if you are paying by cash. Or, if you must, leave your payment outside and step back 1.5 meters away. Instruct the driver to collect the cash and leave the order where you left your payment. 

Accounts & Activities

  • How do I delete my saved address?

    Tap accounts and go to Manage Addresses. From there, you can add, edit or delete the addresses saved in your app.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Email us your request to delete your account along with the phone number or email associated with the account, and we will do it for you. 

  • How do I rate the restaurant and delivery driver?

    Our rating feature is coming in the near future. In the meantime, if you have feedback about a particular merchant, please email us. 

Troubleshoot App

  • If the app is not responding and unexpectedly crashes, you can perform the following troubleshooting steps. Simply following the steps below usually solves any app issues.

    1. Internet Connection. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Try switching to WiFi or Data.
    2. Updates. Check the App Store or Play Store for updates.
    3. Restart the App.
    4. Restart the phone.
    5. Reinstall the app.

    If all the steps have been followed but Urban Point app still won’t work, please let us know.